St. Patrick Roman Catholic Parish
                                                                                                                        A Pennsylvania Charitable Trust

Christian Mothers Guild

Parish women (married, widowed or single) assist one another both spiritually and socially, focusing on the attainment of Christian Education for children. The Christian Mother's also serve Funeral Luncheons, after a funeral mass for the families of parishioners who have died.  

If you would like to attend a meeting or join Christian Mothers & Guild, please contact Mrs. Mary Ann Badia (724.745.1597) or Mrs. Carol Serbak (724.745.3787).

If you would like to help with their Funeral Luncheon's Ministry, please contact Mrs. Rena Patrick at 724.745.3058.


Christian Mothers' Guild sponsored a trip to The Sight & Sound Theater in Lancaster, Pa to see "Noah" with Loretta Kulakowski as the event organizer. Truly an unforgettable trip and performance!

This particular photo was taken in front of a statue of Moses, which is promoting a future production next spring.
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