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Clearances & Protecting God's Children Workshops

Dear Volunteers for St. Patrick Parish & School:

These are the mandated requirements for all volunteers in the State of Pennsylvania and in the Diocese of Pittsburgh. The following contains the process/materials.

Please complete all necessary paperwork AS SOON AS POSSIBLE and return it to me.

The following checklist is a list of requirements for all parish volunteers who are 18 years or older:

1) Go to website, scroll down, click on Safe Environment Compliance.

  • Scroll down and click onto one of the following: Parish volunteer or school volunteer.
  • Follow the directions to complete your registration.(You will need to create your own user name & ID).
  • Enter the following Access Code: Protect
  • Please write down and save your user name & ID somewhere.
  • You will have to login again using your ID & password to complete your application.
  • The State Police report will automatically be generated when  you have completed and submitted the entire registration process.
  • Please go to step number 2

2) Go back to the previous page, click on the Pennsylvania Child Abuse Certification link.

  • Complete this registration.
  • Print: the Application  and the Release Form, sign and give both to Carol Serbak, St. Patrick's Safe Environment Coordinator.
  • Renew every 5 years.

3) Go back to FBI Clearance or Waiver - Click on:

  • a) Have you lived in Pennsylvania for 10+ years? YES (proceed)
  • or b) NO (complete all instructions).
  • Renew every 5 years.

4) Go back and click on the:  Protecting God's Children On-Line Class or Live Class.

  • Click on First Time Registrant and follow the prompts.
  • Next, go the on-line session during the registration process.
  • Follow the directions, print your certificate  and  give it to Carol Serbak, St. Patrick's Safe Environment Coordinator.

5) Go back and click on the Mandated Reporter Training On-Line or Live Session.

  • Follow all directions.
  • You must complete the Mandated portion of this report (3 hours).
  • Print your certificate and give it to Carol Serbak, St. Patrick's Safe Environment Coordinator.

If you have questions or need to make arrangements to fulfill any of the above requirements, which are mandated by the Diocese of Pittsburgh for all volunteers in the parishes within our Diocese, call Carol Serbak at 724.745.3787.

Please note, you will not be able to volunteer until all the above requirements are completed and submitted.

Thank you for your cooperation, service and ministry!

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